inspect, analyze and share

Find damages and problems in roofs, facades and concrete

Improve the building envelope and detect deficiencies in time through efficient maintenance and the right type of measures.

Find energy leaks and problems in roofs and facades

Discover the damage in time and start renovation at the right time. Streamline maintenance work by letting AI interpret the condition.


Capture Images

Take pictures of your customers’ properties or let Spotscale help find a drone pilot. You need high-resolution pictures of the desired surfaces, such as roofs or facades. 


Process, Analyze & Deliver

Spotscale’s software in the cloud analyzes and merges the images into 3D using advanced image analysis and machine learning. 


View, Share & Collaborate

Inspect the results of the analysis in your browser and draw conclusions about damage and leakage through the measurement tools. Share results with decision makers for renovation decisions. 

World leading platform for collaborations

Inspect & Analyze

Make maintenance data easier to understand by integrating Spotscale’s platform. 

Get the expert into the loop.

Let experts in technical analysis of building materials and condition collaborate with image/machine learning experts at Spotscale to create unique analyzes.

Adaption to customer group.

Cooperate with Spotscale to find the right deal for analytics and insights for your customers.

Specialization in materials

Delve into specific building details and materials with Spotscale to define tomorrow’s insights.

Examples of partners today

COOR uses Spotscale’s technology in its innovation platform SmartDrone with the aim of analyzing the performance and condition of industrial buildings around the Nordic region. Through energy analyzes and inspections of renovations, better decisions are made for customers. 

KIWA is one of Europe’s largest inspection companies and uses Spotscale’s technology platform to inspect damage in concrete with the help of AI. Through the unique collaboration, KIWA can help customers calculate the lifespan and implement renovation measures at the right time. 

Riksbyggen maintains a large number of Sweden’s condominium associations. By being able to quickly form an idea of the condition and quantities of materials, maintenance planning is streamlined and creates added value for customers. 

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