Want a 3D map of that spot you’re working on? Need it for a Urban planning, Inspection, a VR application, to import into your CAD software or 3D printing it? No matter what you need your 3D model for, we can help you get it right. With our network of skilled drone pilots we can cater to your needs whatever they are.

Send us an email to sales@spotscale.com to get your quote.


If you have your own camera and drone, let us take care the processing! Our 3D reconstruction algorithms are tailored for buildings and urban environments. You upload your images and we’ll deliver a 3D model in multiple resolutions. We also provide you and your customer with tools for construction, inspection or urban planning.

  • Upload your own photos
  • Let us do the work
  • Download your high-quality 3D-model or view it online


Spotscale is all about making drone imagery into 3D buildings. If you’re a drone operator we help you deliver beautiful 3D models to your customers in our cloud service. If you just want a 3D model of a building in highest possible quality we can take care of subcontracting the drone capture through our network of skilled pilots.


The first step in generating a high resolution 3D model is capturing images. There are several things you can do in this step to get better quality in your 3D model. It's good to know what the end goal is - is it visual quality, accuracy, does the model need to be geographically referenced etc. Is it going to be used in a 3D modelling software, on the web or in CAD. When processing your images on the Spotscale cloud we’ll share all our tips and tricks with you.


The images are processed on our cloud where we make sure they are turned into the best possible 3D models. We have tailored our algorithms to understand buildings and remove the common artifacts found in most software. On the back-end, we have skilled engineers and staff that will take care of your delivery and make sure that the algorithms are tweaked right to your data. By leveraging human in the loop on the back-end, we can make sure that no matter what type of built environment is sent in, we make the best out of it.


Whether you’re designing a computer game, designing a new building in town or managing a construction site we’ll have the 3D model ready for you on the format you like and the quality you need. We have delivered 3D models in formats for ipads, touchtables, CAD applications, 3D printers, AR- and VR devices. We also provide you and your customers with tools that can help you during your construction, inspection and urban planning projects.

"This kind of 3D model will revolutionize the business in real estate development"

Magnus Malm - Real Estate Developer, Magnentus

"I'm going to be out flying and let Spotscale do the rest"

Peter Karlsson - Drone pilot, Flying Eyes


Spotscale is a bunch of highly skilled engineers devoted to solving the tough problems in 3D building reconstruction. We are passionate about developing algorithms that can transform thousands of images of a built environment into realistic 3D models.


Imagine a 3D model of a city so perfect you couldn’t tell it from reality when experienced through a VR device. Imagine building models so perfect that you never want to spend time in manual modelling tools to model buildings.


Spotscale was born in 2012, just as large multirotor drones were getting more accessible and we felt that the timing was right. Coming from complementing backgrounds in drones, 3D recon- struction, and large scale visualization we had a feeling from the beginning that the quad-copter would be the perfect device to capture buildings from a close distance. So we created a demo and gained huge traction.

Since then, Ludvig Emgård has gathered a group of highly skilled engineers that have been working hard to bring the latest re- search into a novel, modern code-base of 3D reconstruction processing and visualization tools, tailored to execute on built environments from close range sensor data

Prior to this journey Ludvig was heading products at C3 technologies, mapping cities in 3D from aeroplanes.

Spotscale formally came to life and was incubated in January 2013 in a top ranked Swedish incubator. After two years of bootstrapping, the team is funded by MOOR (VC), Erik Byrenius and Magnus Malm (angels). Moving forward, the team will continue to evolve around the 3D cloud solution and keep on riding on the trends for VR, Machine vision, drones, sensors and 3D printing.


Use sales@spotscale.com to get in touch with our team.


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