About Us

Spotscale was born in 2012, just as large multirotor drones were getting more accessible and the value of digital real-estate emerged.

Coming from complementing backgrounds in drones, 3D reconstruction, and large scale visualization we had a feeling from the beginning that drones would have a great impact on capturing buildings from a close distance high up in the sky. So we created a demo and gained huge traction.

Since then, Ludvig Emgård, with a background as the product manager at C3 technologies (acquired by Apple, 2012) has gathered a group of highly skilled engineers that have been working hard to bring the latest research into a novel, modern code-base of 3D reconstruction processing and visualization tools, tailored to execute on built environments from close range sensor data.

Spotscale formally came to life and was incubated in January 2013 in a top-ranked Swedish incubator. After two years of bootstrapping, the team was funded by MOOR (VC), Erik Byrenius and Magnus Malm (angels). Moving forward, the team continues to evolve around the 3D cloud solution and keeps on stretching the possibilities of AR/VR, Computer vision and AI.

about us


Spotscale is a bunch of highly skilled engineers devoted to solving the toughest problems in 3D building reconstruction. We are passionate about developing algorithms that can transform thousands of images of a built environment into realistic 3D models.


Imagine a 3D model of a city so perfect you couldn’t tell it from reality when experienced through an AR or VR capable device. Imagine building models continuously updated to mimic the real world in realtime giving your digital real estate completely new capabilities with possible cost savings and additional revenue streams.

Warehouse Thermal

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