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Since we do manual inspection and fixing-up on the model, the delivery time varies. Smaller projects are usually delivered within 1-2 days, while bigger projects can take a couple of days or weeks depending on size and service.

We can handle both 4K video and photos. We primarily do JPG uploads on our cloud but we can handle almost anything you send our way.

Please note: We do not handle RAW images.

The resolution depends on the input data but as an example, we can reach 1 cm/pixel in the texture using the following setup.

  • 22 MP camera.
  • 500 images / 50x50m² facade.
  • Providing close overlap between images.
  • Images are taken about 5-10m from the object.

Minimum recommended resolution: 12 MP

We recommend a wide-angle lens, 18-24mm equivalent, since it will be easier to reach high overlap from close-up distance.

We like you to take a lot of images of your object but over 1000 images/hectare will generally not help your reconstruction. A standard pricing project is up to 3 hectares so that sets the limit to about 3000 images. In general, it is good with more pictures to chose from to make sure you cover the whole property. 

When you purchase a 3D model from Spotscale we give you 12 months of hosting included. If you need more you can subscribe to our subscription service, which includes both access to our tools and hosting of your 3D model.

This is very dependent on what camera and lens in addition to the object you have so there is no easy answer. In an area we flew recently with four-story buildings the ortho images were taken from 50 m above ground. Then we did facade shots much closer to ground, about 20 m.

We support both metric and feet in our calculations and reports.

Unfortunately, power lines are often too thin to have their geometry be reconstructed properly. The pylons are more likely to work better, and we’de love to give it a try.

Yes, we worked with some cell towers before, but it requires good photos.

We can handle GCP:s provided by email.  Contact us for more info.

We can handle EXIF GPS data or image GPS data provided by email.

Full service includes everything:

  • Image capture by dedicated drone pilot
  • Processing of 3D model and any additional work to perfect the model
  • Delivery and access on our cloud-service with a 12-month subscription included

Yes, we offer multiple branding solutions.

  • We can provide branded or non-branded demo material or a package of material (pics, videos, model, pre-loaders etc) That can be used by your company to put your own trademark on. 
  • Contact us for more information. 

Regarding sensitive assets, we have different options for you depending on your need.

We can have your 3D model protected by a password or limited I.P access.

Currently, our standard solution is processing on the cloud. We can, however, tailor specific solutions to process local on premises of your choice, depending on the property size, project scope, and time plan. It depends on how sensitive the assets in question are. There might be other options available depending on your requirements.

Let’s talk this over and find a solution that works for you!

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