Linköping – 4 January 2021 – Riksbyggen and Spotscale have together produced a record-breaking number of digital twins of rental properties. This have resulted in 3D models of the complete portfolio of real estate, based on high resolution drone imagery.

“The data is a valuable asset for our business processes, increasing rapidly within the real estate business. 3D models of our buildings will be complemented with building information and process to create a basis for BIM models,” says Riksbyggen CDO, Amir Chizari.

The project spans over 50 different housing areas of varying sizes, totaling more than 600 building bodies, containing over 5000 apartments all over Sweden. The underlying imagery, captured by drones, contains hundreds of thousands of high resolution images that have been automatically processed into photo realistic and intelligent 3D models. Through a cloud based solution, Riksbyggen can inspect, measure and analyze the buildings in a completely new way, thanks to advanced machine learning and computer vision technology.

“Riksbyggen have chosen to invest in this project in conjunction with a transfer of the real estate to a new company called Unobo. The majority of the shares in Unobo will be acquired in 2021 by institutional investors. The purpose of this is to capitalize the increase in the production of new rental properties with 20%. The data material from Spotscale will be used to describe our portfolio better to investors, by a novel way to experience the buildings, rather than from maps and images. We will also have great use for this in our own planning of new developments and infill projects,” says Carl-Johan Hansson, CEO of Unobo.

Spotscale has developed unique functionalities for asset management such as quantity take-offs (QTO) that provide instant quantifications of your building’s facades, roofs, and windows. The cloud-based software also enables the detection of changes to the roof and facade materials over time and therefore can be used to plan maintenance, repairs and renovations.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Riksbyggen for such a massive project. This is a proof of our scalability in data processing and will enable us to develop our unique AI capabilities even further,” says Ludvig Emgård, founder and CEO at Spotscale.

About Riksbyggen

Riksbyggen is a cooperative company that develops new housing projects, both for purchase and rental. Riksbyggen is also one of Sweden’s largest asset management company for public and private owners. Riksbyggens´ vision is to create attractive and sustainable housing for everyone.